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North West BC Fishing

Fishing reports for the entire United States coastline and freshwater systems.

North West BC Fishing

Postby NoelGyger » Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:55 am

Weekly Fishing Reports (Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Meziadin North)

Noel Gyger
August 8 to August 15, 2010

Dear Fishing Friends: :welcome:

SUMMARY: We are in a heat wave. Highs on Saturday expected to reach 34° C or approx. 86° F. Fishing for Sockeye, Chum, Steelhead, Cutthroat Trout, Bull Trout and Dolly Varden Char using fly, spin and conventional gear has been fair to poor depending where you are fishing. The Skeena River has been dropping all week and is extremely low but fairly clean. The Skeena River is a very big river so low water usually does not hurt the fishing, in some ways it improves it. Sockeye fishing is good if you know the how and where to fish for them. Limit 2 per day, 4 in possession. Steelhead and Coho fishing is excellent. It is not uncommon to catch both Steelhead and Coho on the same day and throw in the odd Pink. The Kalum River is in good shape. Steelhead and Coho are coming in now. The Kitimat River is exceptionally low. 20 foot high tides have moved Coho into the river. Pink and Chum fishing remains fair to poor. The Douglass Channel is producing excellent numbers of Halibut and Coho. The Harbour fishing is starting to improve. Crab (Dungeness and King) fishing is excellent. Check out the detailed Ron Wakita report below. The Zymoetz (Copper) River is clean enough to fish. Summer-run Steelhead are moving in and the fly fishermen are trying to catch them. Prince Rupert reports a good Coho fishery. Good Halibut fishing with bait or jigs. Meziadin still has a few bright Sockeye entering the system. The total Salmon count has been in the 85,000 range. Creek levels are very low. Check out the full report from Marvin Reid below. The Bulkley River is super low. Some nice Chinook are still being caught. Coho and Pinks are moving in. A couple of Steelhead have already been caught. The Kispiox River water is clear, but it is so low that it is really tough fishing and fish will have a tough time making it over the gravel bar at the mouth of the river. The Babine Lake and River Sockeye fishery is in full swing. Check out the Bob Melrose report below. This week guide reports came from Ron Wakita, Dustin Kovacvich, Ariel Kuppers, Marc Girard, John of Blue Heron Charters, David Payjack, Wes Owen, Andi Handl, Gill McKean, Marvin Reid, Alex Blix and Jeff Langley. Thank you to all of the fishing guides and anglers who have sent reports and photos. It is very much appreciated!

WARNING: BEARS on all our rivers. It is their time of the year. A smart angler is very BEAR AWARE and carries PEPPER SPRAY! Make sure your can of spay is NOT outdated.

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River Reports Weather - Normal temp - Sunrise & Sunset - Tyee Test Fishery – Tides – Hydrometric Data

Bulkley River
The river is green and super low. Some nice Chinook are still being taken. Coho and Pinks are moving in, and it is time to bring out your little trout rod and have some fun with the Pinks! A couple of Steelhead have already been caught. Overall, fishing has been pretty good– report by Bob Melrose

Kalum River
The river is clean and dropping fast. I have had reports of Steelhead and Coho being caught. The run should build over the next couple of weeks. Please do NOT target the Chinook, leave them alone and let them spawn in peace.

Kispiox River
The river is clear, but it is so low that it is really tough fishing and fish will have a tough time making it over the gravel bar at the mouth of the river – report by Bob Melrose

Morice River
River is looking good, but fishing has been tougher this year. People are starting to bring out their Steelhead gear – report by Bob Melrose

Skeena River
The Skeena River has been dropping all week and is extremely low. The Skeena is a very big river so low water usually does not harm the fishing, in some ways it improves it. Sockeye fishing is good if you know the how and where to fish for them. Limit 2 per day, 4 in possession. Steelhead and Coho fishing is excellent. It is not uncommon to catch both Steelhead and Coho on the same day.

Zymoetz (Copper) River
The water is low and is still coloured up but fishermen are still out there fishing. Steelhead and Coho should be coming in now.

Meziadin River and Lake
Meziadin still has a few bright Sockeye entering the system, total Salmon count has been in the 85,000 range. Creek levels are very low – see report by Marvin Reid

Kasiks River
Coho will be showing up soon at the mouth where the river joins the Skeena River. We need a bump in the water to move them upriver. Some fish will be holding 1/8 mile upriver holding in the deepest water along the cliffs.

Exchamsiks River
Coho will be showing up soon at the mouth where the river joins the Skeena River. We need a bump in the water to move them upriver

Babine River and Lake
The Babine Lake has been full of Sockeye fishermen since it opened on August 1st. The Babine River also has been lined up with fishermen.

Fishing Guide and Tackle Shop Reports

Summary for Skeena and Tributaries

Fishing This Week

Type of Fish Caught

River: Chum, Coho, Sockeye and Pink Salmon, Steelhead, Cutthroat Trout and Dolly Varden Char.
Ocean: All five species of Salmon, Halibut, Bottom Fish and Dungeness and King Crab for ocean.

Thank you for using barbless hooks! (This is a BC fishing regulation)

Largest Fish of the Week

River: no big fish reported this week. Ocean: 88-pound Halibut Douglas Channel.

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Ron Wakita: Reliable Guide and Charters, Kitimat BC
Website: and
Home Hardware Tackle Shop E-mail Phone 250-632-1275

Kitimat River

The Kitimat River continued to drop this week to exceptionally low levels. I have not seen the Kitimat River level stay so low as it has this year. Normally when the river level is this low, fish are reluctant to migrate into the river. The 20' high tides this week may have been the influence needed to keep the Salmon especially Coho moving into the Kitimat River. There are a few more Coho being caught. Most of the Pinks and Chum are in the various stages of spawning colors but there were some bright Pinks with sea lice caught this week.

Aug 7 I had the pleasure of drifting the Kitimat River with Carl Drodge. Carl lived in a basement suite across the street from my parent's house years ago. He returned to the Kitimat area on holidays with his family and we seized the opportunity to fish the Kitimat River. Carl hooked and landed a bunch of Pinks and Chum on our drift and commented that his arms and back were getting a workout. I landed a 30lb Chinook on my Loomis GLX Spey rod while we were fishing for some Chum. This Chinook was released healthy back into the river. Congratulations on your catch Carl. It was a pleasure fishing with you.

Aug 8 Ariel Kuppers and David Quaiffe landed a small Coho in the upper Kitimat River. They also landed a bunch of Pinks and Chum. Congratulations!

Aug 10 Ariel Kuppers fishing with his friend Charles and his girlfriend Nicolette and her kids Skyler, Lily and Ocean landed
a bunch of Salmon drifting the Kitimat River. They landed Pinks, Chum and Chinook. Wow! 3 species of Salmon and everyone looked like they had a lot of fun! Congratulations to all!

Aug 13 Bonnie Girard fishing with her favorite guide and husband Marc landed a Coho and a bunch of Pinks on their drift on the lower Kitimat River. Marc is an Associate guide for Reliable Guide and Charters but still enjoys fishing with his lovely wife. Congratulations Bonnie!

Summary: Coho fishing on the Kitimat River will continue to improve with each high tide. Judging by the catch rates in the Salt Water, we can expect a very good return to the Kitimat River. Gibbs Koho 45 Blue Scale and Copper are usually the most productive lures early in the Coho Season. Luhr Jensen Hot Shot 35 in Blue Scale, Silver and Chartreuse are usually the most productive Hot Shots. Pinks Jigs made by Jim's Jigs and Rainbow Jigs are the more productive Jigs used on the Kitimat River.

Douglas Channel

Aug 8 Ken Craven reports, ""Ken Craven and Lucy Slykerman introduced Pat and Gill Maloney, guests from Ontario, to the beauty of Kitimat and the Channels. Gill caught her first salmon. Everyone caught coho in Sue Channel, and a mess of Crab were harvested." Congratulations on your catch! I hope your quests enjoyed their visit to Kitimat and the Douglas Channel.

Aug 8 John of Blue Heron Charters reports, "I did a little fishing on the Douglas Channel this week with Lawrence and Verle from Alberta and we landed several halibut, salmon, cod and crabs. The weather was sunny and warm and the company was as good as it gets." Congratulations! Well done Skipper. Any anglers wishing to book a trip with John please contact Noel

Aug 8 David Payjack of Sea West Fishing Charters reports, "I had the pleasure of taking out clients Derek and Margret Butt. This is the second time this year that they have come out to Kitimat from Hinton, Alberta to fish with us. We had a great day out on the water landing 24 Pacific cod, 3 beautiful chinook salmon, 3 coho salmon and 2 Pink salmon. We sure had a lot of fun and man did they keep me busy with the fish. Thank god Margret is a master fish cleaner and helped me make some short time of cleaning all of this fish!" Well done Derek and Margret and family. Good Job Skipper. Any interested anglers wishing to book a trip with David please contact Noel Gyger

Aug 10 Wes Owen of Golden Adventures boated 3 Coho in the Kitimat Harbour. Wes was out checking for the "Sweet spots" in preparation for clients. Anyone wishing to book a trip with Wes please contact Noel Gyger

Aug 11 Derek Butt weighed a 55lb Halibut into our In Store Derby. Derek was fishing with his wife Margaret and their 2 kids Brooklyn and Braymon. They landed 4 Halibut and a bunch of Cod on their trip down to Fish Trap. Wow! Congratulations! It sounds like you had a wonderful time fishing the Douglas Channel.

Aug 11 Wes Owen fishing with Berna and Nick Gammer and their son Dimitri boated 3 Coho in the Kitimat Harbour.
They also harvested 17 Crab on their trip. Wes commented that Berna was pretty excited about landing the "biggest Coho". Well done Berna! Wes also thoroughly enjoyed his conversations with Nick and Dimitri's enthusiasm to pull crab traps, set out lines and get right into the action. All in all it sounded like a wonderful day of fishing in the Kitimat Harbour! Congratulations to all.

Aug 12 Andy Handl of Kingfisher Adventures fishing with his clients Barbara Batyski and Darrel Henninger boated an 88lb. Halibut and 5 Coho out at Fish Trap. Congratulations to Barbara and Darrel. Great Job Skipper! Anyone wishing to book a trip with Andy contact Noel

Aug 12 Wes Owen fishing with Ryan Casson boated 4 Coho fishing in the Kitimat Harbour. They were fishing with a Luhr Jensen Abe and Al #1 flasher and anchovie inserted into a Rhys Davis Mettallic Green/Blue Anchovie Teaser. This is Wes' favorite rig to fish for Coho. I would say that it works pretty good. Congratulations Ryan! Anyone wishing to book a trip with Wes contact Noel

Aug 13 Andi Handl of Kingfisher Adventures fishing with his clients Barbara Batyski and Darrel Henninger boated a 74lb Halibut on their trip down the Douglas Channel. I discovered today that Barbara had landed the 88lb Halibut the day before and Darrel landed this 74lb Halibut. Barbara seemed pretty pleased to have landed the larger Halibut. Well done Barbara and Congratulations to you both. Well done Skipper!

Summary: The Douglas Channel is producing excellent numbers of Halibut and Coho. Many boaters are catching Halibut in the same holes that they are catching Coho. Fish Trap is the Hot Spot this week but there are many spots down the Douglas Channel that this can be done.

The catch numbers in the Kitimat Harbor are starting to improve this week and will continue to get better in the coming weeks.

The weather is unbelievable! The fishing is great! Life is grand!

With the downturn in the economy, we have many dates available for Halibut and Coho trips on the Douglas Channel as well as Drift boat trips for Coho on the Kitimat in August and September. We also have Jet boat trips available. We would be honored to create an awesome fishing experience for our clients.

We still have available days on our driftboat trips, jetboat trips and saltwater trips. Any interested anglers please contact Noel

Thank You to everyone for contributing photos and info for this fishing report.

Sincerely and Cheers
Ron Wakita

Gill McKean: Westcoast Fishing Adventures, Terrace BC and rivers north.

Hi Noel, it’s Coho Time! The Coho are running. We are happy to see the Steelhead, Coho and Sockeye pouring through the Skeena system. 600 km of fishing paradise!

Photo left is Tony Zarembra and a bright, fresh Coho. Photo right is of Mark Pendlington’s son Brad with his very first 20- pound Skeena River Chinook, just a little one!

Photo left is Dinner on the River!! Just a little something we do at Westcoast Fishing Adventures upon request. Photo right is Nick Johnson with a monster Coho on a secret river!! If you book with Westcoast Fishing Adventures you will have an adventure as we tour the northern rivers. Book a package and experience more than one river. Our guides are experienced on all region 6 waters from the Nass to the Kitimat & everywhere in between!

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Tight Lines

Gill McKean

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Jason Munday: Fish Tales Tackle Shop, Terrace BC

Hello Noel, Chinook fishing is over. Let em spawn! More and more reports are coming in reporting Steelhead and Coho being caught. As one fishery comes to an end another takes its place! You gotta love this region for its run after run of fish all year long. Sockeye, Pink, Coho and Steelhead are gearing up! So get out there and have FUN!

Fish Tales has incredible deals on all of your fishing needs. We invite everyone to come in and check out our full inventory of equipment so you are properly prepared to catch your monster fish! We also have a complementary phone for our out of town guests to use to call home. Also, Fish Tales would love to display your favorite picture on our in-store BIG SCREEN.

Happy Fishing to all from Fish Tales Fly & Tackle Shop!! P.S. We just received our shipment of Premium Roe!! Yes, That Roe!!!

Happy Fishing to all from Fish Tales Fly & Tackle Shop!!

Out of town orders are always welcome. Come in for a coffee anytime.

Jason Munday

Marvin Reid: Meziadin and Northern BC

There are still a few bright Sockeye entering the Meziadin system, total salmon count has been in the 85,000 range. This is below the recent yearly average. I spoke with a fellow from fisheries and he informed me that both Hanna and Tintina Creeks are at near record low levels, what impact this has on spawning salmon, remains to be seen. No one wants rain, but in some cases it is a good thing

I spent a few days this week fishing with good friend John Johnson, from Alberta. We have not been skunked all week, but more effort and time has definitely been required to locate and hook into salmon. Dolly and Rainbow fishing at the creek mouths continues to produce some nice fish, on lures, spinners or roe.

The bears must know the fall feeding season is approaching, on most any given evening, grizzlies can be seen from the highway, between Meziadin Lake Park and Tintina Creek bridge. They are great to observe, from a distance.

I am now the operator of Meziadin Lake Provincial Park, as well as operating the Park which has a Store, and wireless internet to all sites. We also offer Travel Trailer Rentals to persons wishing to enjoy the outdoor experience.

I do guided fishing trips on Meziadin and other local lakes along Highway 37.

Meziadin if not the best lake in Northwest BC for Dolly Varden and Bull Trout, up to 11 lbs, must be very close to the top of the list. I supply all rods, tackle and bait. Care of catch and cleaning.

Trips can be booked by the hour or by the day. I use an 19ft Harbercraft powered by a 75 Yamaha.

Best regards, Marvin Reid

Bob Melrose: Oscars Source for Sports, Smithers BC

The Promise of Steelhead

Just glancing over the Tyee Index for Steelhead, and must say the numbers look encouraging. The 1998-2002 seasons were the glory years, and those of you fishing then probably have many fond memories of that period. The numbers this year show the closest to those wonderful times over the last ten years.

Of course, a lot of things can happen, and often do when it comes to fishing. But by nature anglers are more glass half full than glass half empty people and time on the river is really never wasted. As Roderick Haig-Brown so wisely said "If fishing is just an excuse to be close to rivers, I'm glad I thought of it." So, if the numbers look good, we think it is going to be good, and we always go out there optimistically.

Steelhead are now being taken in the Skeena system. Most of the Steelhead have been taken as incidental catches from those anglers targeting the Sockeye. However, from the first of August, Steelhead fanatics start to concentrate on their passion. Upriver on the Skeena, Steelhead can be caught by mid month. These first fish can be particularly predisposed to the dry fly and many anglers will only fish for them with the dry. It is heart stopping looking downstream and seeing that white mouth come up and inhale your waking fly.

Tyee Coho Index

Coho numbers according to the Tyee Index are close to the ten year average. Fisheries predictions were for a good or better season than 2009 and early catches down the Douglas Channel and out of Rupert seem to bear that out. We have had some great catches reported from both locations and it is still early in the season.

Coho in the saltchuck can be taken on a wide variety of tackle. Anchovies in the Krippled holders are always a favourite. However, many times blue or green hoochies or needlefish can outfish the bait and you don't have to worry about your baits condition or whether it is still there. Apex work well for Coho and at times they can't leave the Coyote type spoons alone. It is wise to have an assortment of all the above lures in the right colours. Check at the marina or your speciality tackle shop for recommendations on what is working.

Coho are now in the Kitimat and coming into the Skeena. Spin-N-Glos, jigs, Gibbs Koho spoons, Vibrax and Mepps Spinners. Pixee Spoons are proven Coho catchers. More Coho are entering the rivers daily, building towards the end of the month around Terrace and in the Kitimat.

Sockeye Circus

Although the Sockeye run this year is not a big run at least there were enough for an opening allowing for an acceptable escapement. The Sockeye bring out a lot of anglers around Terrace. The fish here are very fresh bright fish and great fighters. Most anglers use red, pink or chartreuse flies bounced along the bottom or fly fish with an appropriate sink tip line. Up on the Babine fish can be going through the colour change. The Babine River is fly fishing only meaning a proper fly rod, reel and line. Sink tips in the 8-11 feet per second range are recommended. On Babine Lake anglers generally use a red Gamakatsu #1 Octopus hook with green or red beads behind a red or green flasher. The fish have been running at 25-45 feet deep but your depthfinder will tell you what depth they prefer that day. You can use barbed hooks in the lake but our streams of course are barbless.

Fishing Report

Prince Rupert Again, like the Douglas Channel some really good reports for the Coho fishery. Love it when the Coho are jumping in every direction and they are taking whatever you want to give them. Good Halibut fishing with bait or jigs.

Kispiox River The river is clear, but it is so low that it is really tough fishing and fish will have a tough time making it over the gravel bar at the mouth of the river.

Bulkley River The river is green and super low. Some nice Chinook are still being taken. Coho and Pinks are moving in, and it is time to bring out your little trout rod and have some fun with the Pinks! A couple of Steelhead have already been caught. Overall, fishing has been pretty good.

Morice River River is looking good, but fishing has been tougher this year. People are starting to bring out their Steelhead gear.

WARNING: BEARS on all our rivers. It is their time of the year. A smart angler is very BEAR AWARE and carries PEPPER SPRAY!!!

A note from BC Parks

“Grizzle Bears are wild and unpredictable, use extreme caution in this [Babine River] area. Please adhere to all Park Rules as noted below:

Bear Information for Anglers

A sustainable fishery at the Babine River is dependent upon a safe environment for both people and bears. To achieve this, BC Parks sets out some guidelines for fishing at the Babine River. Detailed information about bear safety is also available at

[Give] bears plenty of room. Leave your fishing spot if a bear is in the river and give them plenty of space. If approached by a bear, reel in, and leave the area. Cut your line if playing a fish. You may return to your fishing spot when it is safe to do so.
Food and other attractants are not allowed on shore. All garbage must be stored within your vehicle, not left on sight.
Fish must be returned to a secured location within your vehicle immediately after capture.
Dogs must be kept on a leash.
Children must be accompanied by and adult at all times.
During the peak salmon fishing season in August, please refrain from fishing from 1 hour after sunset until 1 hour after sunrise to provide an undisturbed period for the bears to utilize the river corridor.
Follow all regulations on posted signs

Aggressive bear behaviour resulting from failure to comply with these regulations could result in temporary closure of the area to fishing; this would affect many. Don’t be the one responsible for a park closure.”

Enjoy your weekend.
Bob Melrose

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Stolen Boat

Hello Noel. Would it be possible to have a space in the next fishing report to inform your readers of the theft of a 10 foot Fish Cat pontoon boat stolen from Radley Park in Kitimat on July 31, 2010? Unfortunately, myself and my fishing partner were enjoying a day fishing on the ocean when the theft occurred from my friends campsite (the boat was secured during this time). I realize theft is not limited to bigger or more frequented areas, it just hits home more when occurring in my backyard or of course, when unsuspecting of same.

This is also a warning that we take safety for granted when leaving our boats while getting rides back up to our launch area of the day. This boat will be recognizable to many co anglers on the Kitimat River as we have been enjoying this sport for past years here.

Please contact me at cell 250-641-7608 or home 250-632-3254 for any information that the readers may have.
Sincerely, Wendy Onofrechuk

Chinook Video clips for 2010 season

The following are YouTube links. To watch in the highest quality “full screen” mode choose setting of 480p

June 17 32-pound Kitimat River Chinook Plays for 2:45

June 22 Kitimat Chinook Adventure Plays for 4:03

July 8 CLACKACRAFT Kitimat Chinook Plays for 2:10

July 27 Skeena River King Salmon Plays for 3:01

Guest Reports and Photos

*** If any of you have special fishing photos, testimonials, scenic river photos, wildlife photos or articles I would love to see them.


Catch and Release Formula

Chinook: girth squared x length x 1.54 divided by 1000 (inches)
Steelhead: girth squared x length x 1.33 divided by 1000 (inches)

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Terrace, BC Beautiful 3300sq ft Log House on the Banks of the Skeena River 5 min. west from Downtown Terrace, BC. Situated on .75 of an acre and built in the early 70s before setback rules and is only 20 ft from the bank of the River, but out of the floodplain. There is a trail leading down to a bench where you can tie up your boat most of the year. Completely renovated house including new doors, windows, plumbing, and electrical, & is like a brand new house. It has 4 bedrooms (possible 5th) and 2 1/2 baths and two natural stone fireplaces. There is also a 22 X 32 shop & a double carport. Very private and quiet, just the sound of the river. Contact Noel Gyger for more photos and info (Make an offer)

Terrace, BC This property is a ten minute drive from the Terrace/Kitimat Airport part way between Terrace and Kitimat. Near Mount Layton Hot springs, within 45 minutes of internationally acclaimed Shames Mountain, 15 minutes from 18 Holes at the Skeena Valley Golf Club, and central in all directions from world class salmon fishing, mountain biking, hiking or kayaking. This property features over 400 feet of sandy beachfront. While approximately 25 acres is left forested, the balance has been levelled and prepared for your dream home, or potential development. This property is home to local wildlife, including Moose, Deer, and perhaps the occasional Spirit Bear, plus countless smaller mammals and birds. This property is truly a one of a kind natural treasure. Properties of this quality rarely become available, act now! Contact Noel for more info.
Rick McDaniel Re/Max of Terrace

Terrace, BC With over 3200 feet of river front, panoramic mountain views, beautiful natural spring on the property, mobile home and guest cabin, barn, stable, workshop, gardens, a 5 1/2 acre area that was formerly a vegetable growing plot that supplied the local area and has been fallow for several years now. May be organically certifiable. Pick your fishing spot along the riverfront, with several different good looking options available. Clear views of the Seven Sisters range, plus mountains to the East, West and South as well. Located 76 KM East of Terrace this is literally a piece of Paradise on Earth. The balance of the property carries up the ridge toward the majestic peaks on the South side of Highway 16. Perfect as a small farm or build your dream home. Contact Noel for more info, maps and more photo's
Rick McDaniel Re/Max of Terrace

Smithers BC - 8 terraced acres of Bulkley River Waterfront. Experience the advantage of natures tranquility only 20 minutes from downtown Smithers, BC. Prime building lot awaits your ideas for development. Proven year round water source. Boat launch access for world class fishing, kayaking, rafting, etc. School bus service available. Recreation waterfront and privacy all at your door step. Contact Noel Gyger for detail and more photo's.
Chris Timms Calderwood Realty Ltd of Smithers

Kispiox BC - Fishing paradise out your back door, world record steelhead were caught in this fishing hole. 24 acres of rare Kispiox Riverfront and host to the "Cottonwood Hole". Level, benched property part. Flood plain. Value of old homestead at buyers discretion. Prettiest small parcel in the valley. Contact Noel Gyger for detail and more photo's. Chris Timms Calderwood Realty of Smithers

Wanted to Buy

I have a client who is interested in property of 5-10 acres or larger on the Skeena River or one of the tribs, not too far out from Terrace BC. Need winter access, hydro and phone connection, or at least wireless coverage. He wants to be able to walk down to the river with his Spey rod and fish, so Skeena 4 would be ideal, but no farther than USK. If you have larger acreage that is sub-dividable to suit my client please Contact Noel Gyger

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Sooke, BC Ocean Wilderness Inn This breathtaking 4.6 acre oceanfront property boasts a private setting with small creek towering trees and lots of wildlife for photographers and nature lovers. The beautiful walk on waterfront is almost a full mile of private beach. The home offers 9 very large bedrooms with large bathrooms. The fir floors blend into the log theme of the home, everyone who visits feels at ease in this comfortable home. Current owners have done extensive renovations to keep the property in top condition. The home has been featured in several publications and is well known for its great meals, crystal clear water, spectacular gardens and customer service. Enjoy spectacular views from the hot tub. Just a few minutes drive to fabulous salmon fishing and surfing beaches. Contact Noel Gyger for more info

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For Sale: Custom 15 foot all welded aluminum Jet boat: 2000 Johnson 40 jet power with power trim stainless steel impeller (and stock aluminum impeller) 8 degree hull with tunnel. Center consol. Front fishing platform with storage. 3 Rod holders. 1 Scotty down rigger. Hummingbird 520 fish finder, Karavan trailer. One owner, never used for guiding. Turn key ready. $11,500 obo. Phone 250-635-4007 ask for Jamie.

For Sale or Lease: 1997 24' Ali-Craft jet-boat & boat trailer: $35,000 (will cost you over $60K new) For complete listing details and contact info ... berger.doc please click here (to read a Microsoft Word Document .doc)

For Sale: 16' Fiberglass Dory and Trailer: $6,500 (will cost you $8-9K new) Very well maintained. Comes with anchor, anchor rope, life jackets (up to six), fish box, 10' ash oars, and spare new trailer tire. Has water-tight, lockable dry storage under the front seat also has dry storage under the bow. Knee braces at the bow, for standing & fighting fish while floating downstream. Current owner will deliver anywhere in northwestern BC. May be viewed at Meziadin Lake. Will consider a new model quad in good condition as trade. Contact Gary Miltenberger, e-mail only: Sorry, I don't have a phone.

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Last Minute “discount” booking prices

We’ve just had a major cancellation, and now have 6-8 spaces available during the week of August 15 to 21 – as you know, one of our prime time fly fishing weeks on the Skeena and Copper! Though I don’t like giving really large discounts, we’re in a tough spot right now. So, we are offering a 20% discount off the 2010 rates to clients if they join us either at the lodge or as a day booking.

We also have some great spaces during our Fall Steelhead and Coho season, during the weeks of: September 12 to 18, September 26 to October 2, October 10 to 16 and October 31 to November 6. With the Steelhead numbers at Tyee, it’s shaping up to be a good Summer and Fall on our rivers. If interested please contact Noel Gyger soon.

photo of the week aug-15.JPG
Hi Noel, I hope you enjoy this photo of some early Coho (Silver) Salmon action on the Kitimat River this season. The fish seem to be coming in good numbers and the boys are having a ball catching them. The fish, this time of year, are chrome bright and silver. Pictured here on the left is my longtime multi season, repeat guest Tony Zarembra and on the right is my good friend Mark Pendlington who most of your readers will recognize as host of the highly rated TV fishing show Sport Fishing BC. This fish was taken with a marabou jig but other systems work as well such as bottom bouncing and fly fishing. The jigs were purchased from Jason Munday at Fish Tales Tackle Shop in Terrace. The rod used was a new North Coast Edition Rapala 8.5 Med/Heavy salmon-steelhead. The reel was an Ambassadeur Rocket spooled up with 25lb Suffix clear blue. I am looking forward to another filming season with Mark. Stay tuned. Photo and caption courtesy of Gill McKean of Westcoast Fishing Adventures
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