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Nov 21-22 Suisun Bay (CalDelta) stripers

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Nov 21-22 Suisun Bay (CalDelta) stripers

Postby FishWisher » Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:51 pm

I cruised downriver from Rio Visa, CA to Suisun Bay, about a 20 mile cruise, on flat water under sunny skies - in my T-shirt! It was an awesome November day on my beloved Delta.

The plan was to catch another sturgeon and to spend the night at anchor on the bay. I fished from about noon 'til 2200 when I called it a day and climbed into the V-berth for the night. I managed to catch just a 20" striper - which I usually release - but kept this one as he was bleeding pretty bad. I fished throughout a long, outgoing current, well into the cold and darkness of a beautiful Suisun night, but couldn't attract a sturgeon with the eel I was offering.

I was fishing again at 0530 on Day 2, in the fog and the cold, and stayed faithful to to the cause 'til noon. I reeled in one more striper a bit over 18" and kept him too, as he was hooked badly. I had caught a striper limit although they were small and hardly equal to a sturgeon, but my neighbor loved 'em!

I headed the 20 miles or so back upriver at noon to the ramp and on home. It was a good trip, and the stripers gave me some success, but I'm hoping to fill another sturgeon tag next week if the weather cooperates!

Photos and more story - and soon a video - on my site: ... -stripers/

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