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Oct 25,26: Sacramento River (Calif) Salmon Limit

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Oct 25,26: Sacramento River (Calif) Salmon Limit

Postby FishWisher » Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:23 am

I launched into the Sacramento River at Rio Vista, then began a troll up river to the Old Sac, clear on up to Locke, CA, about a half days troll. It was a breezy day, and I had my hands full with keeping the boat on course, tending the lines, etc. In fact I gave up trolling two lines as it was just too much work. But one line worked fine, thanks.

Within half an hour of starting, about halfway between the Rio Vista Bridge and the Old Sac, the reel screamed out that a salmon had taken my green, double bladed Silvertron! I turned the boat into the river and the fight was on! He wasn't a very big salmon, but he sure had heart! He fought hard and strong, but within 10 minutes or so, he was in my net! I weighed him in at eight pounds, and he measured 22 inches.

I continued upriver, glad to be in the somewhat protected by the levees along the Old Sac and off the windy main ship channel. Somewhere above the Isleton Bridge a ways, a DFG creel census crew pulled along side and asked if I'd had any luck. For a change I was able to say "YES!". I dropped anchor, reeled in and they pulled along side to check out my fish. It weighed in at nine pounds on their spring scale, so I trust my electronic's eight pounds. They also checked for eggs and pronounced my fish a he. They asked the usual "What's your zip code? How long have you been fishing?" and then they were gone. I can tell you that DFG is hiring some mighty cute census takers these days. If you doubt it, check my website!

I trolled clear up beyond Walnut Grove and Locke, then turned back in time to anchor for the night across from the Boat House in Locke. It was a breezy and cool night, but still another lovely night on the river in the cozy cabin and V-berth of my C-Dory!

I was trolling at 0800 the next morning and it was uneventful 'til waaaay back down river to about a quarter mile above the Isleton Bridge. I thought my green Flatfish had collected some debris, and as I grabbed the rod to reel in and clear it, a salmon was on! bzzzzzzzzzzzzt! She must have been mouthing the lure somehow, and got herself hooked! The fight was on! I turned the boat into the river and began reeling her in. After about 10 minutes or so, she was along side the boat and in the net. I measured her at 34 inches and weighed her in at 16 pounds. And that was my limit!

After cleaning up the cockpit and stowing the gear, I headed for the ramp and home. Man, did that feel great to have a limit - my first salmon limit in over seven years!

En route home I called Bora, the guy who did the fine gel coat work on my boat earlier this year, and offered him my catch. He was more than happy to meet me and accept the fish. He would smoke them, he said, and it would be time for a party!

And I'm already looking forward to my next salmon trip!

For photos and more story, check my homepage: ... mon-limit/

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