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Plan Your 2011 Fishing Trip to BC NOW!

Fishing reports for the entire United States coastline and freshwater systems.

Plan Your 2011 Fishing Trip to BC NOW!

Postby NoelGyger » Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:20 pm

Weekly Fishing Reports (Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Meziadin North)

Noel Gyger January 9 to January 16, 2011

Dear Fishing Friends: :welcome:
SUMMARY: Extreme cold weather made river fishing this week nearly impossible. The average day time temperature was only minus 8 degree Celsius with lots of wind and blowing snow.
The Skeena River is in good shape but full of ice flows and frozen over in spots. Be very careful walking on the ice ledges! There may be some Steelhead wintering over in some locations. The Trout and Dolly Varden Char are available year round.
The Kalum River is low and in good shape and fishing for Steelhead is poor now due to the cold weather.
The Zymoetz (Copper) River is in poor shape with lots of ice flows and ice ledges. If you can find open water the Steelhead fishing should be pretty good when the weather warms up. The upper section closed for fishing on January 1st.
The Lakelse River is in good shape and fishing for Steelhead and Trout should be Ok once the weather warms up. Lake ice fishing has started and the fishing is good. Beware of thin ice! See a full lake report below.
Kitimat River: Early in the week when the temperatures were milder, a few anglers reported catching some Cutthroat Trout.
Douglas Channel; Lori from MK Bay reports, "the temperature at sea level has been bitter cold and there have been Storm Warnings in effect for most of the week". There are signs of Bait Fish in the Kitimat Harbor but no one wanted to risk the cold temperature and strong winds to find out if there were Winter Chinook in the Kitimat Harbour following the Bait Fish. The best way to stay out of trouble is to not put yourself into situations to get into it. The very cold temperatures can cause problems with hydraulics, steering, batteries and many other issues on the boats. Most boaters exercised the good judgment to wait for better conditions. The forecast is for warmer temperatures next week. Smart money says to wait. Check out the Ron Wakita report below.
Prince Rupert has fantastic Winter Chinook fishing, weather depending. If you would like to book a comfortable, warm Charter Boat for Winter Chinook and Dungeness Crab in Kitimat or Prince Rupert please contact me anytime.

New Items on Website

- January 15, 2011 One New item (conservation)
- January 14, 2011 One New item (conservation)

River Reports Weather

Note: fishing reports for the Bulkley, Morice, Kispiox, Babine and Meziadin Rivers North are posted “in-season” only.

Kalum River
Is in good shape both upper and lower end and fishing for Steelhead is excellent once the weather warms up. Both spin and fly is working well. It is a little cold but don’t let that deter you from going fishing. Even though the weather has been cold this river usually does not freeze over. It has something to do with the warming of the water flowing out of Kalum Lake. It will freeze if the water level drops very low and if it stays cold and starts snowing heavily. If it is cold enough the snow will not melt when it hits the water. The flowing snow clumps together and jams when it hits the rocks and boulders. The river current in some places nearly stops flowing and if it remains cold it will freeze over in these areas that are like lakes. This seems to happen every few years or so. Reminder: Bait ban Jan 1 – Mar 15

Lakelse River
Is in good shape and fishing for Steelhead should be OK once the weather warms up.

Lakelse Lake
Ice fishing has started and catches of Trout is good. See the Ron Wakita below.

Skeena River
The Skeena River is full of ice flows, ice ledges and is frozen over in some locations.
Please be careful walking on the ice. Fishing for Steelhead is over. There may be some Trout available.

Zymoetz (Copper) River
The water is low and in good shape but has substantial ice flows and is frozen over in some locations. I have had reports of excellent Steelhead catches using both spin, conventional and fly gear when the weather was warmer. Reminder: No fishing above the sign at the transmission line crossing (below) Zymoetz Canyon Jan 1 – June 15. You can still fish below the sign all winter.

Fishing Guide and Tackle Shop Reports

Summary for Skeena and Tributaries
Fishing This Week
POOR – due to extreme cold weather

Type of Fish Caught
River: Steelhead, Cutthroat Trout and Dolly Varden Char.
Ocean: All five species of Salmon, Halibut, Bottom Fish and Dungeness and King Crab for ocean.

Largest Fish of the Week
River: 15-pound Steelhead from the Kalum River. Ocean: none reported this week

Kitimat River
Early in the week when the temperatures were milder, a few anglers reported catching some Cutthroat Trout.

The most productive method to catch Trout on the Kitimat River continues to be Float fishing a Gibbs Float with a Berkley 3" Power Bait Worm comboed with a Bubba's Bait Barn Dew Worm.

The weather during the middle and latter part of this week has been very cold with strong winds. The wind chill factor was severe and this weather deterred most anglers from venturing out fishing on the Kitimat River.

Anglers should be also Beware that the edges of the river are iced up and is covered by a very light layer of snow. This has created a very, very slippery surface to walk on. Please be careful.

Douglas Channel
Lori from MK Bay reports, "the temperature at sea level has been bitter cold and there have been Storm Warnings in effect for most of the week". There are signs of Bait Fish in the Kitimat Harbor but no one wanted to risk the cold temperature and strong winds to find out if there were Winter Chinook in the Kitimat Harbour following the Bait Fish. The best way to stay out of trouble is to not put yourself into situations to get into it. The very cold temperatures can cause problems with hydraulics, steering, batteries and many other issues on the boats. Most boaters exercised the good judgment to wait for better conditions. The forecast is for warmer temperatures next week. Smart money says to wait. Stay Tuned!

IMPORTANT Halibut Issue:
DFO is determined to impose an In season Halibut Closure to the Recreation Anglers this season. This is not a conservation measure it is a misallocation of Halibut Stocks generated by a grossly unfair and flawed Halibut Allocation Policy.

We need your help to oppose to this Halibut Closure. Please review the sample letters provided at the end of this Fishing Report. These letters should help you write a letter to the Minister to stand up for your right as an Angler and as a Canadian. Or you may be an Angler who would like to visit BC to fish for Halibut. There is a sample Letter from a group of Anglers from New Zealand provided to be assistance to Anglers from out of country. Please feel free to write an email to our Department of Fisheries Minister.

I encourage everyone to do your part and write a letter. Please also email this info to everyone in your Address Book. If everyone does their part, collectively we can make a Big difference.

Special Report - Lakelse Lake

Jan 9 Ariel Kuppers and young Skyler Sherman were Ice Fishing in Lakelse Lake with Mepps, Blue Fox and Worden's Rooster Tail Spinners baited with Procured Shrimp. They used Normark 8" Swede Bore Ice Auger to drill the holes and Berkley Hot Ice Fishing Combo to reel up 15 Cutthroat Trout and a bunch of White Fish and Bull Heads. Using the right tools for the job equals "One Happy Boy"! Gotta love this photo. Well done Skyler and Ariel!

Thank You to everyone who submitted photos and info to this Fishing Report.

We are booking for the 2011 Fishing Season. Any anglers interested in a Drift boat trip on the Kitimat River, Jet Boat Trip of a Salt Water Charters please contact Noel

Good Health and Good Fishing!

Sincerely Ron Wakita

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Help me plan my guided fishing trip

What do I want to fish for (Salmon, Steelhead or Trout)? When is the best time? What is the best way to fish for them? How long is the guided day? Do we fish from a boat or walk and wade? What kind of boats do the guides use (drift boat, jet boat or raft, etc)? What have other anglers caught at this time? Are there any pictures? What was the biggest fish? What was the weather like? How do I get there? What do I need to bring? Are there any testimonials? YES, click here for testimonials.

To start to answer any of the above questions and more please check out the Past Fishing Reports webpage at There are links there that go back to fishing reports from 1996 right up until today. Who should I contact for more information? Contact Noel Gyger he will be more than happy to help you.

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Noel Gyger 96 fishing video clips on YouTube

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Contact me anytime to post your items. There is no charge for a posting. Here are the latest postings:

Rod Days for Sale: 50 Skeena River, section 2, classified rod-days for $2000. These rod-days come without the license. Without license means they can be sold only to guides that already own Skeena 2 rod-days. Contact Noel Gyger for more info.

Real Estate

Beautiful Log home right next to the famous Kitimat River

Kitimat BC A True Fisherman or Wilderness Lovers Dream Home. 2 minutes to Kitimat River Boat Launch. 3 Bedroom 2 full bathrooms, 2 Levels 1000sq/ft each plus 500sq/ft loft. 1000sq/ft detached heated shop with games room, plus second storage shed on extremely private tree'd lot. Beautiful cozy log cabin style home. Heated floors, many updates, New spa-steam-shower-tub, plus separate stand up shower in main floor bathroom. Loads of potential. Western Red and Yellow Cedar logs, 12"-20"" round. Unique Home. Asking $350,000. Please contact Noel Gyger for more information

Terrace, BC This property is a ten minute drive from the Terrace/Kitimat Airport part way between Terrace and Kitimat. Near Mount Layton Hot springs, within 45 minutes of internationally acclaimed Shames Mountain, 15 minutes from 18 Holes at the Skeena Valley Golf Club, and central in all directions from world class salmon fishing, mountain biking, hiking or kayaking. This property features over 400 feet of sandy beachfront. While approximately 25 acres is left forested, the balance has been levelled and prepared for your dream home, or potential development. This property is home to local wildlife, including Moose, Deer, and perhaps the occasional Spirit Bear, plus countless smaller mammals and birds. This property is truly a one of a kind natural treasure. Properties of this quality rarely become available, act now! Contact Noel for more info.

For Sale: Beautiful one level 4600 sq. ft. home on Skeena River Front 22km East of Terrace, BC

4.92 acres, fenced/landscaped around home. Go here to watch a 14 second video clip ... o-clip.wmv that shows the best gravel bar fishing for Salmon and Steelhead just out your door with stunning mountain views. Fruit trees, flowers, lawn. House was built in 1994 and has 4 bedrooms (so spacious, it could be 6 or more), 3 bathrooms, jacuzzi tub, fireplace, security system, double garage, tool-shed, storage buildings. The kitchen and dining room are open to one another and adjoins the family room where all the windows draw you in to look out over the Skeena River. The properties adjoining both sides of this home belong to the crown, so your privacy is assured. Suitable as a private home, B&B, lodge, or a private conference centre. Appraised at $640,000 discounted to $475,000 (fully furnished) for quick sale. Contact Noel Gyger for more info New! Oct 27/10

Terrace, BC With over 3200 feet of river front, panoramic mountain views, beautiful natural spring on the property, mobile home and guest cabin, barn, stable, workshop, gardens, a 5 1/2 acre area that was formerly a vegetable growing plot that supplied the local area and has been fallow for several years now. May be organically certifiable. Pick your fishing spot along the riverfront, with several different good looking options available. Clear views of the Seven Sisters range, plus mountains to the East, West and South as well. Located 76 KM East of Terrace this is literally a piece of Paradise on Earth. The balance of the property carries up the ridge toward the majestic peaks on the South side of Highway 16. Perfect as a small farm or build your dream home. Contact Noel for more info, maps and more photo's

Wanted to Buy

I have a client who is interested in property of 5-10 acres or larger on the Skeena River or one of the tribs, not too far out from Terrace BC. Need winter access, hydro and phone connection, or at least wireless coverage. He wants to be able to walk down to the river with his Spey rod and fish, so Skeena 4 would be ideal, but no farther than USK. If you have larger acreage that is sub-dividable to suit my client please Contact Noel Gyger

Contact me anytime to post your FOR SALE river or ocean front property. Retirement folks from around the world are looking for this type of investment where they can fish the rest of their lives and still be close to home! There is NO charge for a posting. My FISHING REPORT AND WEBSITE has world wide reach. Monthly average: over 600,000 server requests handled.
View current postings ... rfront.htm

Hi Noel, I have a client/friend that I’ve been fishing with in the Terrace and Smithers area for the past 10 years. We have been looking recently at land in order to put up a small fishing cabin but we’ve noticed that most land listings in the Terrace area are for large plots. I was wondering if you know of anyone that has a larger plot of land on the Skeena (around Usk would be perfect) that would be interested in subdividing out a section of about 1 or 2 acres. Walking access to Skeena would be nice but not necessary.

I would be able to handle the legal work and associated costs to subdivide, so I just need someone who might be interested in selling off a small piece of their land that they aren’t using. Also, it would need to have vehicle access which we could do by registered right of way across sellers prop if unavailable otherwise. Contact Noel Gyger if you have such property and I will put you in contact with the buyer.

B&B’s For Sale

Sooke, BC Ocean Wilderness Inn This breathtaking 4.6 acre oceanfront property boasts a private setting with small creek towering trees and lots of wildlife for photographers and nature lovers. The beautiful walk on waterfront is almost a full mile of private beach. The home offers 9 very large bedrooms with large bathrooms. The fir floors blend into the log theme of the home, everyone who visits feels at ease in this comfortable home. Current owners have done extensive renovations to keep the property in top condition. The home has been featured in several publications and is well known for its great meals, crystal clear water, spectacular gardens and customer service. Enjoy spectacular views from the hot tub. Just a few minutes drive to fabulous salmon fishing and surfing beaches. Contact Noel Gyger for more info

Quadra Island, BC Moon Shadows B&B 4500 square foot home on an acre of beautiful gardens, lots of room for toys in barn and storage shed. What a wonderful life choice with the ocean at your door step and fabulous Islands and inlets to discover while sailing or kayaking, fabulous fishing, clamming and oysters. Just a wonderful way to enjoy life while raising your family. Home is fully operational as a B&B, and is being sold with all furnishings, bedding and kitchen tools as the current owners are leaving the province. Contact Noel for more info

Sooke, BC Coopers Cove Guest House Beautifully appointed 6 bedroom 7 bathroom waterfront B&B. This spectacular B&B was featured on Oprah for its gourmet cooking classes. Fabulous large professional kitchen, wonderful grounds complete with herb and vegetable gardens, and two hot tubs. Home is steps from the Galloping Goose Trail leading into the heart of Victoria. Contact Noel for more info

To view the items currently listed please cast to:

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Yours sincerely, Noel F. Gyger

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Current winter Steelhead: Andrew Rushton of Kalum River Lodge with a bright
Steelhead caught on the Kalum River on Tuesday, Jan. 11th. He caught this fish in
less than 10 casts. He explained the water temperature was still good although was
getting some icing in his rod guides. The low water made for nice walking along the
river. He was conventional fishing with a Gibbs Koho 45
lure, 9' St. Croix one piece rod, Ambassadeur 6500 reel
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