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Richland Chambers Lake // fishing on fire

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Richland Chambers Lake // fishing on fire

Postby 9531986953 » Fri Apr 25, 2014 7:57 pm

Fish Now !!
That's what I always say when asked when's the best time to go fishing ,and it's never been more true than now !
Were catching almost everything  right now.  Hybrid striper ,  sand bass ,  blue cat .
I like a early start for a couple of reasons , to catch the blue cat we need fresh caught shad so we have to get that early like right at day light a little before the sun comes up is best.
This time of the year it's pretty easy the shad are spawning along the banks one throw with the cast net and you have all you need for a couple of days.
 With that behind you it's straight to the 309 flats or the first feeding fish you see ,  and that might be Pelican Ill.
I always have a sassy shad tied on this time of year.
Three quarter ounce jig head with a four inch banana colored body.  If I see birds working or a school of fish jumping I will position the boat so my customers can cast to the school and by reeling back with a steady retrieve the first fish should come in the boat pretty quick.
All the time we are working fish I'am watching the depth finder ,  and when it looks like we have a big group of fish under the boat ,  I change baits to a ounce and half banana colored slab and drop it down .
The slab is your go to bait when catching sand bass and hybrid striper.  You can fish it so many ways but mostly fished with just a short cast out from the boat and let it fall to the bottom.
The falling fluttering bait will trigger a bite almost immediately so be ready to set the hook and reel in a fish when fishing a school of actively feeding fish .
Cat fishing is going well and I usually do this on request it's a blast .  So when we get a cooler full of sand bass and hybrids maybe it's just time to do some cat fishing.
On this it's usually about the wind ,  where ever the wind is whipping up the shore line that's where we are going to try the catfish.  A mess of these fish and you have a few more bags of fillets. Crappie fishing is still best on the banks and I've seen some nice coolers of fish lately from folks that like to work the banks this time of year. It will be May before I really give them a try I like to wait until they move out deep to get on the brush piles that James and I put out last year !!
I have openings so to book your trip for some of the best fishing in this part of the world call me today.

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