If you chum for crappie, they will come

Black crappie and white crappie. Slab stories and photos here.
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If you chum for crappie, they will come

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Chumming for crappie at night

“If you chum crappie they will come"

Feeding the fish with food for the benefit of catching them. The saying “Cast breads upon the waters” The idea is to get the game fish to thinking there is free food, fooling them into thinking there is no hooks around. This concept works for the fishermen getting the fish to come to them, instead of searching the lake for them. Ration don’t overfeed.

Some preferred chumming items
Save your fish scales and freeze them into ice cubes (recommend do this in extra refrigerator). When you go fishing throw out couple cubes every so often. As the cubes melt the scales will reflect the your night night, and attract bait and game fish.

Egg shells frozen into cubes or just tossed on the waters will do the same, use a roller pin and crush them up super fine.

Minnows get 3-4 dozen and crush or grind them into a paste or very small titbits, use a pan to catch all the drippings.
Left over fish guts using the same procedure.

Canned oiled sardines using the above techniques.

Canned: cat food, dog food, canned corn, breakfast cereals, etc: the ideas are unlimited!

How to present the above:
A coffee can, nylon stocking, mesh bag, anything that has small holes so there is a steady stream of scent and drippings of blood and guts flowing into the waters. Take a weight to lower the above to varied depths until you start to catch fish.

Jarring for crappie:
This is a trick clear back to when glass was invented. Glass jar with bunch of holes in the lid. Add water and 6-12 minnows. Tie the neck with a strong cord and lower it to the depth you wish to fish. The commotion of the minnows trying to escaping and the noise of them bumping the inside of the jar, plus their scent escaping thru the vented lid is hard for crappie to resist.

Wicked combo:
Use the jarring method above with gold fish, can you image the gold fish scales flashing off your fishing light?

All the ideas of been proven by fishermen long long ago.

Check your local laws to ensure that it is legal in your state.

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Re: If you chum for crappie, they will come

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I know when I was a kid growing up I lived at a fish camp and at the end of the dock their was a big light with a bug zapper beside it and all you would have to do is shake the bug zapper and the cooked bugs would fall in the water and the bite was totally awesome.
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