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Opportunity Fish

PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2009 11:46 am
by fishdaddy
Opportunity Fish

I would like to talk about what I call “Opportunity Fish” Many times when I’m targeting say redfish or trout, as I’m moving to and from my flats spots I come across an opportunity fish. What is a opportunity fish? This may be a cobia, shark, jack, snook or a school of mackerel or bluefish working a bait pod. On a recent charter off Homasassa, I saw in the distance what we call rain on the surface, this is when small baitfishes like glass minnows or pinfish are making the surface of the water look like its raining. This can be from them just moving around and or a predator fish stalking them. I slowed the boat down and already had a small spoon rigged up, I threw it beyond the “rain” and pulled it thru, on the first cast I hook up with a Spanish mackerel. What I recommend for this type of fishing is to always try to read the water, many times the water will tell a lot. Look for nervous water, which can be just a small difference in the ripple of the water to a big ripple or birds diving or “rain” on the surface or a school of jacks busting the surface .Also, try to always have a rod setup with a spoon or my favorite, a jig with a soft plastic lure or Gulp, it seems that almost all opportunity fish will hit a jig! This type of fishing can turn a slow day on the water to an exciting day.

Good luck on the water, Capt “Fishdaddy” Joel Gant
Hernando Beach, FL.
352 279-1615

Re: Opportunity Fish

PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:03 am
by allingeneral
Good post Captain Gant. Thanks for sharing! Tight lines! :fishing: