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Sturgeon! April 19, 20 on Sacramento River

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:55 pm
by FishWisher
Finally... this ol' wimp found the weather to be tolerable - high70s and even into the 80s - and actually headed out for some sturgeon.

I fished Light 25 on the Sacramento River below Rio Vista, Kalifornistan on Thursday and managed a 44 incher that was about as wimpy a fighter as I've ever reeled in. I think he must have been through the drill a few times and had learned to play dead, get released and go on his merry way. He didn't really fight at all. (Slot is 46" to 66" for White Sturgeon.)

I moved upriver to fish below light 36A on Friday morning for awhile, and in spite of a torrent of debris I managed to reel in a big ol' slotter of 65 inches - and lost it as I was trying to get him in the net! But the fight was exciting and made the whole trip worthwhile.

Both came on lamprey eel, the only bait I've been using for sturgeon the past few years.

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