Kayak Fishing DVD announcement

Discuss Kayak fishing basics including how to properly load your kayak, what to bring along with you, how to fish from a kayak without drowning yourself...you know...the basics...
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Kayak Fishing DVD announcement

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About 2 years ago myself and a partner bought a film company and began filming kayak fishing both inshore and offshore as well as freshwater... Our intent was to put together a series of DVDs on kayak fishing for beginers and and experts alike...

Filmed in 1080i HD... The footage is stunningly clear... so clear you would think you were actually there yourself...

Over the past two years there have been some bumps in the road... HD DVD Burners and Players weren't dependable or available to the average consumer... And the great girl we had as our on screen narrator had to leave the project for serious family emergency...

So the project has been on hold while we waited and searched...

I am happy to announce that the project is back on track... Technology has finally caught up and is now available to the average consumer... And ( drum roll ) we have added WBT Pro Bass Angler Marcia Rubin as our onscreen narrator and fishing partner for the duration of the project... I am really excited about the addition of Marcia and feel that her enthusiasum and professionalism will help to only make a great project even better...

For more information please contact me ...

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It's nice to hear that the project is back on track. Good luck with it. Keep us posted!
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